I never fit in, boo-hoo right? What I now realise is that many of us female entrepreneurs aren’t meant to fit in.

We were meant to stand out, be uncomfortable in our uniqueness, it's part of your energy imprint from the universe that brought you here to this moment offering a service that helps and changes lives.

Why I didn't fit in? Where do I start?

What's relevant for my business is that I never fit in the spiritual community.

Why I didn't fit in? Where do I start?

What's relevant for my business is that I never fit in the spiritual community.

I can't stand ''love and light'', I want to avoid the hemp hippy vibe types after 5 minutes, I think chiffon is itchy and sparkly table clothes with dangly bits aren't comfortable to be around let alone perform tarot on!

I don't have a yoga practice, I don't meditate in the lotus position or say om, and I swear...a lot more than my mum would like.

I'm psychic....with a whole lot of logic. I'm a walking oxymoron to be honest.

But what that does mean, is I'm great at what I do.

I can connect to energy in ways that most haven't figured out how. Yet I can make it relatable in a logical way.

I'm not going to alienate you with the 'woo-woo', yet I'm balls deep into it without a single nameste in sight!






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The Abundance Mindset: How to Tap into the Energy of Abundance as a Successful Business Owner

July 05, 20234 min read

The Abundance Mindset: How to Tap into the Energy of Abundance as a Successful Business Owner

Abundance is a mindset, and it’s one you have to conscious choose…continuously to be a successful business owner.  In this blog post I want to share with you the importance of making this choice and how to tap into this as an energetic frequency.

We know that energy is everything right? You’ve heard it said, you may have even witnessed it time and time again.  Well it’s true, as a psychic intuitive I can tell you that choosing to tune into different frequencies is the easiest way to manifest your wildest desires especially in your business.

If you think about every type of ‘thing’ available to you as a human being as having it’s own frequency, it’s own vibration that you can jump onto at any moment.  Like a radio wave you turn the dial (hello to the 90’s babies who don’t remember manual dials on radios lol) and get that station or tune you’ve been waiting to hear.  This is the same for any frequency you’d like to tap into.

The frequency of abundance is a simple one to tap into, because abundance is the same as the frequency of endless potential.  When you dream about your business success, your dream life this is boundless potential energy. The more you tap into and feel this energy the more good things will come to you.

Why is an abundance energy important for female business owners?

Well, you’v probably heard of the term limiting belief’s before and how crippling they can be. This plays along the same lines and asks you to push past the limit and see the endless potential.

When we sit in the closed mindset or limiting belief’s we are not only stopping our flow of abundance coming to us but also you’re stopping your purpose. If you’re here you’re likely here because you want to help people. Helping and healing is limited when you sit behind those lack mindset’s and limiting belief’s that are holding you back.  The boundless potential energy is where you can help more people, heal more people and raise the vibration of everyone you encounter.

It’s vital that you take stock of yur limiting beliefs and see how they not only impact you but those you can and should be helping

Common limiting beliefs for female business owners stem around making money, imposter syndrome and the hustle mindset we have been taught by our society.  Are you struggling to accept boundless potential in these areas? 

How to tap into abundance energy:

You will need to identify where you limited beliefs are so you can speak to them and release them as thoughts that don’t serve the highest version of yourself.

Next you need to identify ways that you want to feel abundant and lean into doing more to that. 

One thing I spoke about on my podcast was how important it is to identify what abundance means to you in terms of your energetic blueprint as we are often distracted by other peoples version of success and abundance that don’t serve our energy, purpose and business.

Watch to listen to the latest podcast to hear how I’ve tapped into abundance and been able to spend my summers in Provence France whilst only working 20 hours per week.

In conclusion, there is incredible power when tapping into the energy of abundance as business owners.  By recognising and releasing your limiting beliefs, embracing a growth mindset, and aligning yourselves with the frequency of abundance, you can truly manifest your wildest desires in your business. Take stock of your limiting beliefs and release the ones that no longer serve your highest self. 

Remember, success and abundance are unique to each of us, and our energetic blueprint guides us towards our own version of abundance. So, let's embrace the energy of abundance and create businesses that not only bring us success but also align with our purpose and positively impact those around us. Let's manifest our business success by harnessing the power of abundance energy.

Want to explore more on energy in your business book a call with Julie to discuss how she can help you find connection and clarity with universal and spiritual energy for your business success

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